Recently, we have seen a trend of preference for real and natural products made from natural materials. As with the food we consume, so with the clothes we wear, and even with the materials that make up the buildings we inhabit and their interior. We are increasingly interested in the origin of the products and prefer them to be natural.

In this context, we often receive questions from potential or current customers as to whether Çimstone technical stone is an artificial material. The answer is resounding. No, Çimstone is not an artificial material, as 93% of its composition is natural quartz stone, famous for its hardness, durability and beauty.

Quartz is one of the hardest materials on the planet after diamond. Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, and that of the diamond is 10.

And what exactly is a technical composite stone?

This is a product created technically, but containing mainly natural quartz material—93%, and only 7% resins.

The qualities of technical stone, however, surpass those of natural in many ways. It is more resistant to cracking, it does not absorb liquids, it does not retain stains, and there are no nuances within the whole batch.

And with all that said so far, we can conclude that the Çimstone technical stone combines the best properties of natural material—quartz, but at the same time through 7% resins, it avoids cracks and roughness of natural stone. This makes it easier to use and maintain on a daily basis, as well as more practical and convenient to use both in the kitchen of our home and in our restaurant or hotel. With the Çimstone technical stone from AR Commerce, you get the best of both worlds—natural and artificial materials. In order cosiness and warm to be always closer to you!