The Çimstone technical stone guarantees it

Good hygiene is something we learn in our childhood years. “Wash your hands” is among the phrases heard most often from parents and kindergarten teachers. In the last year, in the midst of the Covid pandemic, even those who had quite forgotten the “good old” hygiene norms were reminded of them once again. Hand washing, however, and their disinfection, is by far not the only thing we can do to protect ourselves from contracting bacteria, microbes, and viruses, including Covid-19.

The food we consume several times a day is a source of many of the infections and diseases we suffer from. And do we know where and how our food is prepared? You’re going to say – yes, usually at home, in the kitchen, especially at a time of pandemic when restaurants are closed. However, how do we control hygiene in our own kitchen? We usually prepare food on the kitchen worktop. It can be made from various types of materials. When we think about the design of our kitchen, we mainly take into account our aesthetic requirements and often overlook functionality and practicality – the ability to clean and comply with hygiene norms when preparing food for ourselves and our children.

The good news is that kitchen worktops made from the Çimstone technical stone allow us to have both – a beautiful kitchen, choice of various colours and patterns, exceptionally smooth surface which is very easy to clean due to the absence of pores and cracks, unlike marble, granite, and Corian.

Porous surfaces and cracks in them are difficult to clean and accumulate microbes and impurities. With the Çimstone technical stone, which is made of quartz and resin under the patented Italian technology of Breton, this is no longer a problem. Çimstone actually has antibacterial properties and guarantees flawless hygiene. If your kitchen worktop is made from the beautiful and everlasting technical stone Çimstone, you can enjoy your food with peace of mind without worrying about diseases. And for the owners of restaurants and cafes, bakeries, hotels, and catering companies – whether you offer food by serving in the diners (when they are open) or in a lockdown situation you deliver to homes and offices, think about improving hygiene and simplifying maintenance at your professional kitchens, and read more about the Çimstone technical stone and its multiple benefits here.