Add value to your living spaces!

Modern trends in the interior follow several basic requirements – simple and clean design, which simultaneously creates dynamics and implements natural materials. Cimstone technical stone meets all three criteria, which is why it is so sought after, practical and applicable in many types of rooms – from kitchen countertops and islands to the backs of kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies and staircases not only in our homes but also in our offices, in the hotels where we stay for rest and in the laboratories and hospitals where we are treated.

The simplicity of the design and the refined product as a material – quartz and resin, allow the combination of Cimstone technical stone with different interior styles, different materials of the furniture in the room and different color combinations. The color variations are neutral and with unobtrusive patterns, so that they correspond to all tastes – from the simplest to the most extravagant.

The dynamics are formed by the elegant patterns and textures, which sometimes have a visible effect, despite the extremely smooth surface of the technical stone, unlike the natural ones. Here comes the moment of visual originality, which, however, does not violate the extreme practicality, in terms of easy operation and maintenance. What could be better than to get a spectacular interior element, namely one of the most visible and most often used in your kitchen – the countertop or the island, which at the same time does not cause you problems in cleaning and cooking on it!

And last but not least – the naturalness of the technical stone is by no means the last in importance in the criteria for choosing a material for the countertop in our kitchen. Because the technical stone Cimstone, imported and distributed in Bulgaria by the company AR Commerce is not an artificial material. It would not be right to have artificial materials such as plastic, laminate, concrete or corian in your interior along with the natural ones – wood, metal and stone.

Building the dream home is an important stage in the life of every family, of every person! Sometimes it takes years and a serious financial investment! That is why it is important to think about the materials we put in it! How natural they are, how durable they are, how practical they are! The choice nowadays is great, but at the same time with a good and informed study it is easy!

When choosing a material for your kitchen countertop or island – the only material that combines the most important criteria – simple and at the same time uniquely beautiful design, dynamics, naturalness and practicality is the technical stone Cimstone, imported and distributed in Bulgaria by AR Commerce!