To create the dream home, hotel or office, we need not just a modern interior, perfect look in the rooms and a cosy atmosphere, but also first-class, high-quality materials to help us achieve all this. For this reason, thousands of customers around the world trust Çimstone – a sturdy, reliable, and exquisite technical quartz stone. Its authorized distributor for the Bulgarian market is the company AR Commerce.

“The Çimstone composite material is manufactured in Izmir, Turkey, entirely based on the Italian processing technology of Breton. The quartz stone the company puts into its products is among the hardest minerals in nature after the diamond, sapphire, and topaz,” AR Commerce told Инженер.bg. “Developed in accordance with the latest manufacturing methods, Çimstone solutions are notable not only for their shine, elegance, and style, but also for their exceptional sturdiness, hygienic properties, and resistance to wear and scratching,” they added.

Thanks to its proven hardness, technical quartz stone is not prone to scratching with metal objects, and demonstrates high resistance to wear even in intensively used premises. “Additionally, Çimstone is not damaged by bending or impact, does not crack easily, and does not break when cutting or transporting. Additionally, it is believed that the mineral has healing properties and stimulates brain function, as it removes negative energy and attracts positive energy,” commented representatives of the established Bulgarian company.

The composite quartz stone is suitable for floorings and worktops in premises with flawless hygiene. Its resistance to staining, liquids, and acids makes it an optimal solution for surfaces in the kitchen and the bathroom, and the diversity of colours and looks makes it a preferred choice for internal and external wall cladding, stairways, and anterooms in hotels, guesthouses, bars, and restaurants, healthcare institutions, in the residential and industrial sector, etc.

“Çimstone is produced in a technical manner and contains 93% pure quartz stone, 7% polyester resin and pigments. Unlike other natural stones used for cladding in residential and public buildings, such as marble and granite, composite quartz stone does not have a porous structure and does not crack,” explained AR Commerce. “By bringing the positive energy of natural quartz stone into your home, Çimstone preserves its allure, sturdiness, and reliability for many years,” said in conclusion representatives of the company.

Source of photos: AR Commerce, pixabay.com