Any architect, designer, or simply aesthete would doubtlessly prefer cladding from natural stone for a building’s facade, stairway, the kitchen worktop, bathroom floor, or perhaps even the living room wall. However, now there is a much better and reliable alternative: Çimstone – a material of proven quality, hardness, and incomparable beauty, which is offered on the market in our country by the Bulgarian trade company AR Commerce.

“Çimstone is technical (composite) quartz stone produced using the established Italian technology of Breton. The company was founded in the Turkish city of Izmir in 1996, and is the first and only company in the country to start manufacturing technical stone under the Italian system,” explained AR Commerce to Инженер.bg.

The quartz-based composite material was quickly established as an alternative to natural stone and became the preferred choice among consumers for its proven qualities, the diverse range of colours and textures, and the ability to realize even the most daring designer ideas. “Çimstone contains 93% pure quartz and 7% resins mixed with various dyes, and its main characteristics significantly surpass those of natural stone in many aspects. For example, technical stone is resistant to cracking and scratching, does not absorb liquids, does not stain, and has no differences in patterns and hue throughout the batch,” commented specialists from AR Commerce.

Thanks to the elegant and stylish design in various colours and patterns, easy maintenance, sturdy and resistant surfaces, Çimstone products are extremely well suited for kitchen and bathroom worktops, floorings, cladding of external and interior walls, stairways, anterooms, workspaces, and other applications both in residential and public buildings. The material is used in hotels, bars, restaurants, public kitchens, manufacturing premises for the food industry, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

“Highly valued among globally recognized manufacturers of composite quartz stone, Çimstone has a Quality management system certificate according to the international standard TS EN ISO 9001:2015,” mentioned representatives of the Bulgarian company. “By combining the beauty of natural stone, the exceptional sturdiness of quartz, and its antibacterial qualities, Çimstone products are a fine and practically everlasting solution for the interior of any modern kitchen and bathroom,” they added in conclusion.

Source of photos: https://инженер.bg