When we’re counting on something more than just a beautiful look for the interior or exterior of a new project, the idea of technical quartz stone fully covers our understanding of high quality, style, aesthetics, environmental soundness, and hygiene at the same time. “Proven as one of the most preferred solutions for worktops and floorings in residential and public buildings, Çimstone gains trust with its sturdiness, durability, and unsurpassed antibacterial properties,” told Инженер.bg representatives of the company AR Commerce, the authorized distributor of Çimstone for Bulgaria.

“Çimstone is a composite stone created in a technical manner, and contains 93% natural quartz and 7% resins and pigments. It was quickly established as an alternative to natural stone due to the many benefits it offers,” further explained AP Commerce.

With its uncompromising quality, a diverse range of colours, textures, and decorative effects, the material is widely used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, worktops, floorings, wall cladding, windowsills, stairways, facades, etc. It is suitable for an interior or exterior solution not only for homes, but also for public sites, such as hotels, villas, guesthouses, restaurants, laboratories, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations where hygiene is of extreme importance.

Choosing a worktop or flooring from technical quartz stone in wet rooms is not just recommended, but sometimes required. “Due to the high moisture and likelihood of proliferation of bacteria and mould, surfaces in the room need to be absolutely smooth, without pores or cracks,” commented representatives of AR Commerce. “Entirely meeting these requirements, with a certificate for hygiene and proven antibacterial properties, Çimstone worktops are 100% suitable for surfaces in bathrooms and sanitary facilities, and are among the most hygienic products on the market,” added the representatives of the company.

“Technical quartz stone is the best and most nature-friendly choice you could make. Surfaces from this material are not just beautiful and fine, they are also sturdy, hygienic, and easy to maintain. Çimstone is resistant to cracking and scratching, to liquids, and staining, and is guaranteed to keep its flawless look even after long years of use,” stated the representatives of AP Commerce in conclusion.

See also the video below for ideas how to be more provocative and controversial among furniture from the Çimstone composite quartz material!

Source of photos: AR Commerce