In the last year, we have learned that to be calm about our health, it is not enough just to wash and disinfect our hands. We must also ensure perfect hygiene in the kitchen and on the countertop where we prepare food to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria, germs and viruses. This is the reason why today we will share with you about the Çimstone technical quartz stone countertops, which are distinguished not only by quality and design, but also by antibacterial properties. We will tell you more about them thanks to the trade company AR Commerce, which specializes in the distribution of the world-renowned brand of Çimstone (Chimstone) quartz stone.

Countertops made of Çimstone technical quartz stone have a smooth surface, very easy to clean, which makes them an optimal solution for the kitchen—an area where cleanness is extremely important. They are extremely easy to clean with a soft cloth and detergent. The Çimstone material, produced according to the patented Italian BRETON technology, has antibacterial properties and guarantees impeccable hygiene. Technical quartz stone is also resistant to stains, liquids and acids.

“Çimstone technical quartz stone surfaces have a safety certificate for food preparation. This document confirms that it is absolutely safe to cook food directly on the countertop, without the risk of salmonella and E. Coli”, AR Commerce assured.

In addition to being a ‘guardian’ of health, Çimstone is a good addition to the sophisticated interior design of any kitchen. Çimstone technical quartz countertops are available in a wide range of colors and patterns that can satisfy the requirements of even the most capricious consumers. “Hygiene, in the form of countertops made of Çimstone technical quartz stone, helps us feel safe and confident, regardless of what is happening around us”, they commented from AR Commerce.